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Tel Aviv Makers I

So, I was asked to put out there the origins of TAMI, as I recall them 9 years later.

So it all started with.. I think OpenBTS? I was just out of the army, I had a lot of time to figure out what I want to do with a whole lot of time, and I heard that around San Francisco people were doing a cellular base station, and it was cool.

A few months later, I've been to this awesome place called Noisebridge. It had people teaching Erlang and locksmithing, lots of cool gadgets, and they were just in the process of moving and I could help! The robot suits for burning man didn't hurt too. I was hooked on hackerspaces.

Back in Israel, I googled "Tel Aviv hackerspace" or something like that, and discovered this cool dude Ehud Lamm who already decided to call TAMI by name, and founded a mailing list and search for a place.

A meeting was held at my then residence in Tel Aviv. More talk about finding some high tech startup willing to rent us some space. Not much happens. I get anxious, and rope two friends into renting out a place: we will pay for it ourselves, step 2 who knows, step three profit.

The first meeting was magical. 2012 I believe, sure I can dig up the date (it is the era of archive). An empty apartment, a circle of 20 something people, each saying what they think a hackerspace should be. Infinite opportunity.

It has been a while since then. I'm no longer quite so entwined in TAMI. I think it survived me, which is good since I never figured out step 2. I still like hackerspaces, more specifically I like people teaching people and smoking, blinking lights, sawdust and burned smells. Crazy south and north americans, layed back hippies, and talks of crypto and freedom.