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Converting rust from std to no-std

Things I'm learning (note: using core only, no alloc either)

  • String / Vec - std only
  • byteorder not easy to use, better to use u32::from_le_bytes / to_le_bytes
  • must use references. Make it a pain in the ass. Ended up having a wrapper class to more easily work around

struct<'a> Message<'a> { data: &'a [u8] }

and wrapper

struct ValidMessage { data: Vec }

with Into::into, but really just used my Decoder (which can return &Message) to get a Message

  • the underlying memory was owned by the Decoder ; Now that I think of it, I used a stack allocated one, if I use Box I might get away somehow

But really annoying that you can't somehow do away with the reference. Box/RefCell something