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Welcome to my blog. I'm Alon Levy, and this blog is my very public ruminations. Is that even a word? yes, a partially filtered thought bubble. Soup, murky and filled with half digested thoughts, splattered here very unapatizingly. With no access to a dictionary or at least the ability to submit patches.

I will proceed to reproduce blog posts written by my late brother 9 years ago, almost, and update them.

Of course I do accept patches, and I've made a pact with myself: I will publish half, hah, barely edited pages and hope to achieve a pace that will let me reach a nice place in blogdom, to remove my boredom, and to reminesce and remember and invoke the memory of my brother and maybe ignite some fire for new things to come.

So basically: start from June 2007, when my brother moved from the old site (pre-mediawiki, what was that? archive remembers, better check that in the next patch) to, and work my way up. Just republish the old content, with comments, maybe like talmud and rashi, CSS for that TBD, and update links and perhaps even content as per the, well, content.